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Le Morvan

A real breath of fresh air

Located halfway between Paris and Lyon, the Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan has everything!  Whether you are keen on outdoor activities, looking for cultural inspiration or simple nature lovers.

Whilst walking in the woods, along a river or round a lake, you may come across some fairies or a witch, a “vouivre” as they call them here.  They may take you to the Rocher de la Pérouse to admire the view, or to the Roche aux Fées, their secret hideaway!

Other tales may take you to the Abbaye de la Pierre qui Vire, but some stories are true, such as that of the resistance, deeply etched in our memories.  Indeed, the 1000 hectares of the “Foret au Duc” was used by the “maquis” (French Resistance fighters) during WWII.  Land of tradition, it is also a perfect place for outdoor activities.  Mountain biking, white water sports, hiking, horse riding, fishing, climbing…  And so much more.  It’s impossible to get bored in this natural paradise which attracts more visitors every year.  And forget the diet, Morvan culinary tradition is sacred!

Morvan Sommet

The peaks

The Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan is part of the Massif Central, and provides its inhabitants and visitors with an undulating topography, where forest meets hedgerow.  The highest peak of the Morvan is Haut-Folin, rising to 901 meters

This countryside has a very strong identity, and through it’s scenery and legends, relays the presence of man over the past 7000 years amid 299 000 hectares of preserved land.  So why not  spend a little more time with us.

The lakes

If you have studied our website carefully, the Morvan holds no more secrets from you (well almost!)  Did you know that there are six artificial lakes on our territory?  They were created in the 19th and 20th centuries to float timber to Paris for firewood,  provide clean drinking water and  produce electricity.    Each lake has its own identity, some dedicated to leisure activities, such as swimming, sailing or fishing, and some untamed, for treks or trails.  The choice is yours.

The Crescent lake

Looking for some peace and tranquility?  This untamed lake of over 138 hectares owes its name to it’s “croissant” shape.  Two seperate areas have been landscaped to include picnic tables and children’s play areas.

It is also one of the most renowned lakes in the Morvan, where pike, perch and zander are a fisherman’s delight!

The forests

There are 128 000 hectares of woodland in the Morvan, totalling 45% of the park!  Not bad!  Half is mostly deciduous, such as oak or beech trees, the other being resinous such as Douglas Fir, Spruce or Pine.  The forests are either privately owned or belong to local authorities.  Numerous hiking paths criss cross the forests, the trails are clearly marked and suitable for young and old alike;  all you need is the appropriate IGN map to find your way.  There is also the Grande Traversée du Massif Central (a trail going right down to the Massif Central) for mountain bikers in search an adrenaline rush.  Why not make the most of your stay to recharge your batteries!