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Land of mysteries


A highly sought after treasure

Here we are in the Quarré les Tombes – a land of mysteries and well guarded secret and landscapes that will astound you!  Welcome to the Morvan.

You’ll be hard pushed to find small town like this : the village centre thrives on it’s culinary specialities: chocolates, jams, and its famous waffles are just some of things waiting for you !

The church and the sarcophagi

Where on earth do the hundred odd Merovingian sarcophagi lined up all around the church Saint Georges come from? There were over 2000 of them in times gone by.

Several hypotheses exist: were the Quarréens (Quarré-les-Tombes inhabitants) sarcophagus manufacturers?  or was there a large cemetery nearby?   The mystery remains to this day….

Maybe you can help solve the riddle.  Better still, come see for yourselves

Its unusual shops

The main square is the heart of the village,  with its unusual shops.  This is where the market, the brocantes and the fun fair is held…  where every sunday afternoon, people come from near and far to taste the chocolate maker’s famous homemade waffles.  And of course, everyone’s favorite is…  the chocolate waffle!…

Its forest, reservoirs and landscapes…

In the Forêt au Duc, magnificent broadleaf forest, is a secret place made up of granite blocks which the locals call “Roche des Fées” (the fairies rock).  Will you find the place where the fairies come to rest?

Why not go and cool down at the Griottier Blanc water reserve, or on the banks of the Cure river in “Les Iles Ménéfriers”. Better still, go to the deer park near the forester’s house.  Or take in the magnificent view over the Morvan, at 556 meters above sea level, at the “Rocher de la Pérouse”, the highest point in l’Yonne.

The trails

Quarré-les-Tombes is the northern access to the Morvan, and at the crossroads of many hiking trails – The GR13 joins the local GR and there are many pathways to choose from, be it for a day’s hike, or the departure point of a longer journey.

Not far from here : the  Musée Vauban and l’Abbaye de la Pierre-qui-Vire

Just a few kilometres from Quarré-les-Tombes, in Saint-Léger-Vauban, birthplace of the Maréchal de Vauban, the Musée Vauban is entirely dedicated to the life and achievements of this famous military engineer, thinker and reformer.

A little further, in the heart of the forest and nestled in  the valley Trinquelin, you will find the benedictine abbey of la “Pierre-qui-Vire”, which owes its name to a strange dolmen, the upper part of which “turned” (“virer” in French) with the simple touch of the hand.  The stone, however, has now been cemented!

sarcophages de Quarré
rocher de la pérouse
la roche aux fées de Quarré
Morvan etang griottier