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Vin de Vézelay

Vézelay vineyards

Vézelay has been growing wine since the Gallo-Roman times.  At its peak in the 18th century, vineyards covered 500 hectares of land.  The crops were decimated with the advent of phylloxera in 1884, and almost completely wiped out.

By the end of the 60’s, barely two hectares were still harvested.  But in 1973 a dozen volunteers nurtured the vines back to life and Vézelay wines experienced a revival that has developed over the years.  Thanks to the dedication and passion of a handful of winegrowers, approximately 70 hectares are once again dedicated to vineyards!  The appellation Village was granted in 2017 so it is expected that production will increase over the coming years!

It is with immense pride that we invite you to visit the different Wine Estates.  Visits and wine tasting are on offer where you can learn much more about our local wines.  You will also find dedicated retail outlets on site.

Wine-growing Estates and Caves